Having a property manager in-house dedicated to each of our landlords, we are able to build a solid relationship, ensuring the needs of our landlords, their tenants and the property are met.

About property management

There are significant benefits to employing a Property Manager to act on your behalf during a tenancy and we advise all our clients to give this option serious consideration. When deciding how your property will be managed it is always worth asking yourself how much time you will have to dedicate to your tenants? We understand that increasingly individuals and companies choosing to rent quality property no longer see themselves simply as tenants but also as customers, expecting a service as well as a home. Our Landlord clients look to us to provide a service that protects the relationship with their tenant, but that also ultimately protects their own interests during the tenancy ensuring they get the most out of their investment.

The right approach

We understand the challenges of providing a genuinely valuable Property Management service and work hard to get the approach and balance right. Our Property Managers are experienced at prioritising issues, assessing whether a tradesperson is required, and also understanding there are occasions where a tenant may be able to resolve an issue themselves if provided with the right guidance and know-how. In fact we find many issues reported to us can be resolved without needing a tradesperson to attend at all, avoiding the additional expense that incurs. Our out-of-hours contractor is also aware what constitutes a genuine emergency, allowing you to rest assured, whilst also giving your tenant the peace of mind of around the clock assistance when needed.

Knowledge and experience

Good property management relies on experience as much as knowledge. When you are paying for a Property Management service you expect to receive the best advice, so whether they are new to the industry and working in property for the first time or an old hand perfecting their trade, all of our Property Managers take part in regular ongoing training. Our comprehensive training covers everything from legal compliance and customer service delivery to maintenance workshops and even spending time with engineers to get to know different boiler parts. You can always learn something new and we firmly believe in constant ongoing development of our Property Managers to give you the confidence in our judgment and advice.

The right contacts

It’s also imperative that we work with the right contractor for the job, who will deliver the quality of work you expect. Rochard King have been able to develop relationships with a range of tried and tested contractors from small local firms to large organisations, all sharing a commitment to quality and an understanding of our values.

The personal touch

Communication is key and as a managed client you have a dedicated Property Manager who will be the primary point of contact throughout the tenancy for you and your tenant. Our Property Managers add the personal touch and build strong relationships with their clients and tenants. For all new properties under their management our Property Managers will visit the property themselves, so you can be sure that when you trust us to manage your property we have actually seen it.

The end result

By choosing our fully managed service you are putting a professional between you and your tenant, protecting the relationship between all parties and ensuring the relationship stays professional. Whilst it may be viewed as an additional cost initially, our managed clients benefit from the complete package our Property Management service offers and we work hard to ensure money invested in professional management will without doubt improve your overall letting experience considerably.


"Having rented my house for over 2 years, it is great to have someone who does care. Rochard Kings property management team do just that! They listen to my issues, sort necessary repairs and follow up after the fault is fixed. Truly professional letting agents who care!"
Pauline, Guildford